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Tangina Ann
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Go on and adventure with Little girl Blue, Solve a Mystery With Natalie and continue on with the adventure with Natalie in The Rise Of The Black Horse Rider

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Intrigue Around every Corner Keeps Readers Involved,

 August 15, 2013 

By  M.N. Prather 

Natalie's Dilemma  By Tangina Ann

In Tangina Ann's Natalie's Dilemma readers will never be quite sure if what they see is what it is. Ann has a talent for merging together the everyday, ordinary along with the mystical, spiritual and even fantastical. One of the great joys of reading this book is that the reader will need to be mentally on his or her toes to keep up with the winding path that the author takes them down. The author makes sure that her readers are nearly as in the dark about events as the characters who are living them. It makes for exciting and engaging reading, so much so that readers will have a hard time finding a stopping point and putting the book aside. The author's keen ear for inner dialogue adds to the story and brings out the action in unique ways. It's an interesting technique that doesn't always work, but Ann manages to balance it with enough description and strong characterizations to make it all work in the end.
Will Make You Laugh and Cry

Tangina Ann

Growing up is always an adventure that we often look back on in amazement that we survived. In Short Stories in the Life of Little Girl Blue Tangina Ann offers up a series of short stories recounting, not an idyllic childhood, but an authentic one, full of experiences that range from the humorous to the heartbreaking. Ann shines in her humorous passages, brining readers into this world that she has created and making them laugh along with the children in the stories. However, it is likely her ability to relay those events that no child should have to endure, which makes the work all the more poignant and touching. 

The author tells these stories through the eyes of a child, where there is an understanding that sometimes bad things do happen and that as a child you are largely helpless. Readers will be able to easily relate to the life of Little Girl Blue, laughing along with her and fearing for her in the darker moments. Ann is an author who shows much promise for future books. 

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5 Out Of 5 Stars 


  Things don't always go as you planned. Try waking up one morning Your getting ready for work then you see this I.M from some guy who so happens to be a General was wanting to be your friend. 

 At first I didn't like him because he seemed to have a chip on his shoulder but After checking him out I thought ok he is for real maybe he isn't as bad as a person I first thought.  I guess there is no harm in talking to him ... and I couldn't  help thinking that he has a nice smile. 

Then a little time goes by & he starts sweet talking me and saying things to me that no one has ever said to me before and in a way that no matter how hard I tried not to my heart just could not resist falling in love with him.  So much for just being friends.

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The Rise Of The Black Horse Rider

Mark Davis MD - Book Reviewer Said 

 Like the title. Looks like a page burner. This     book will do well. 

 Get #ready to be #stunned by a #novel of a #lifetime, The Rise of Black Horse.

 #mustread @tangina_ann 
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And You Were Worried About The Zombie Apocalypse? !  Hold On To Your Hats & Run For Your Lives!

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 Staring Gooner a dog who is always getting in to trouble, Sally a level headed young lady and Oliver a donkey who complains about everything. If you like animals and you like to laugh, you'll like this book.

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Tangina Ann latest interview by AllAuthor Author Tangina Ann prefers the country to the city for its peaceful living and serenity. A lover of taking pictures of nature, animals and passionate about wood art, Ann hopes to find a venue to exhibit her artwork which she has done previously also. Tangina previously worked on her farm and learned not only how to make goat cheese and butter, but also how to interact with customers which were a big deal for the shy Tangina. She contributes her growth as a writer in part to God and some to Family and Friends that encouraged me along the way. Receiving compliments like ‘Tangina is a dark horse of a very pale complexion.’ Tangina writes from personal experience and experiences of others. She is currently working on a book called The Legend of Fisher King Island and a chapter for Tyler Wagner for 100 person book titled the better business book volume 4. Read full interview...

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