A little about me... I don't use drugs and I don't advocate the use of illegal drugs .  I have heard over the years that thc had it's medical benefits but only would approve of it on medical doctors advise.  I ran in to some friends that talked about CBD oils I had no idea what that was.  After checking it out I found not only is it legal in all 50 states to be sold but a close friend Carter Daniels told me that since he has started using it he says the pain in his shoulders that use to wake him up at night or make it hard to go to sleep has gotten better and his knee pain has gone away. That made me decide to look in to it further and decide to become an affiliate.  You can learn more about Hemp worx by clicking on the link below and watch the video and decide for your self if  HempWorx CBD Oil & Other Products is right for you or your Pet.
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