Scams Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

Every day people are targeted by someone trying to extort money out of them – by post, telephone, text, email or on the doorstep. Some of these approaches are clearly scams but others are much harder to spot. It’s important to highlight how professional these approaches have become and that many of us will fall victim to scams.
A good looking man writes you and he says he just wants to get to know you if you don't mind or if your a guy it may be a picture of a sexy lady.  Beware that picture of that good looking Man or sexy Lady may not be who you are talking to. 

 A general writes you and guess what he's in love with you or maybe it's this Handsome Prince or a beautiful Princess?   Lol

 Yea Right!

Honey it's impostor

These are people are out to not just steal your heart they really aren't even interested in that they see this as taking advantage of what they see is a weakness.  Where you see love they see weakness. You are a Mark a target for which they are going to fool you in to sending them money. 

People have committed suicide because of the shame it causes.  It may be the fact that they have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to these people and even have been murdered when falling for these scams.  

The love of your life is in England and he/she says I wish you can visit me here.  If your not careful you may be walking in to a trap.  

​Romance Scams, Internet Scams, Military Scams, Etc.
Be a ware & Stay Safe