Tangi grew up in Pennsylvania a daughter of an Airforce Sargent she's lived in Japan, California and a few other states before settling in to everyday life in Pennsylvania at 9 years old along with her Mom, 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

 As the years went by becoming an Author became a dream one that would in time come true, she started to write years before she actually wrote her first book.

 She would write a couple pages and file it away but it wasn't until she ended up in late 2012 unable to walk and unable to continue working on her farm she decided to get the file folders out to work on and finish her first and then second book. 

She had people telling her your never going to get published.  One person told her, she was just wasting her time It can take years to get published if ever. 

 Keeping that in mind she decided what can it hurt. So if they say no at least she made an effort and didn't let the nay Sayers determine her success or failure. She summited Short Stories in the Life of Little Girl Blue and it wasn't long before she got an email from Publish America later known as American Star Books saying Congratulations We love your book and decided to give your book the chance it deserves. In short if Someone tells you, you can't do it, do it anyway. Unless of course it's against the law that is.

She enjoys Photography, Wood Burning I.E. Putting pics on wood and burning it in to the wood. ... some examples are here for you to see.  She is currently consecrating on her work as a writer. 

She was on the cover of the Sept - Oct 2016 & March - April 2017 Issue of Focus On Women Magazine. Enjoyed my first ever radio interview on La Femme De Prose Blog Talk Radio Show. 

. She wrote a short story "The Good Teacher" for Windmills and Paper Boats to benefit cancer research. 

Wrote an article for Black Heath Dawn Magazine "Promoting Your Work And Your Self" that was published December 30, 2016 and interview by Terry Gilbert-Fellows January 2017 

Wrote a chapter "Down but not Out" for the Better Business Book "Authors Unite" Volume 4 Pg. 218 which became a best seller 

Poem "It Was" was published in an E-Book called Universal Oneness Poetry Anthology - available on Amazon

Most of her books are published on Lulu now because American Star Books went out of business a couple years ago. There will be links imbedded in photos of these web page (s) to click on for your convivence that will take you right to where you can buy her books.  

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